Basic Arduino tank bot (tamiya)

Having built a simple 4 wd arduino bot based on the dfrobot pirate platform, I would like to make a simple obstacle avoiding tank bot. I plan to use the tamiya tracked wheel kit, an Arduino Uno and the adafruit motor shield I built in the previous project. In theory, using the tamiya dual gear motors will let the bot pivot left or right to turn.
I put together the single motor tamiya tracked vehicle kit (from amazon) to familiarize myself with the basic gear structure. A good cheap kit. Not suited for steering or an arduino control as is
though, just forward and back operation. My only comment is that the track on each side is made of 4 separate pieces of rubber – so with 8 points of failure it is not surprising that the track snaps apart quite often.
I am intrigued by the double gear set up (Tamiya 70168 Double Gearbox L/R Independ 4-Speed) – depending on if the tracks stay on!

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